UK guided birding

Birding Days UK specialises in day trips and short breaks seeking birds in Britain. All trips are unique and tailored to each visiting birder, whether it's a matter of seeing as many target species as possible, or enjoying what British birding has to offer at a relaxed pace.

Based in London and Sussex, BDUK can even pick you up from the airport, be it Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted or Luton, or from your city hotel, and arrange your food and drink.

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London birding

On a city break or business trip but tight for time? London's parks are a fantastic introduction to Britain's birds and Birding Days UK is your perfect guide. If you have a day to spare, there are countless hotspots beyond the city limits to explore...

Did you know 373 species have been recorded within 20 miles of St.Paul's Cathedral?

Image by Benjamin Davies

Kent and Sussex

The two finest counties in south-east England, and Birding Days UK knows them well. Dungeness (pictured) is Kent's most famous birding location and has lots to see at any time of year - David used to work there! In the north of the county, there are marshes teeming with waders and a good variety of raptors.

Sussex is home to the best part of the stunning South Downs National Park, still home to scarce farmland birds like Grey Partridge, Common Quail, Corn Bunting and Yellowhammer.  The National Park joins the coast at Beachy Head, one of the region's most spectacular migration points, for quality and quantity...

Why not join Birding Days UK for a trip in one of these fine counties, or both..? We run day trips and longer tours to these areas.