• David Campbell

Little Buntings

This month has seen considerable freedom restored so I've taken the chance to make the occasional foray elsewhere. It's been a good spell for wintering Little Buntings, with a small handful scattered around the country, including one a short drive from me at Warnham Local Nature Reserve.

Little Bunting at Warnham LNR

Warnham is one of my favourite spots, being a fantastic place to get close views of a range of woodland and wetland species. Every now and then a scarcity is on offer too, with Roseate Tern, Tundra Bean Goose, Waxwing and Yellow-browed Warbler seen there in recent years.

This fantastic little bird gave excellent views from the Bunting Hide after a short wait when I visited at the beginning of April, feeding on the ground alongside Reed Buntings while Marsh Tits made nervous visits to the hanging feeders.

Meanwhile, two Little Buntings were waiting for spring at Thursley Common in Surrey, in the esteemed company of a Rustic Bunting. Frustratingly, the Rustic got itchy feet about the time we were allowed to relieve ours, but when I made it to Thursley one of the Little Buntings was there to provide a Surrey tick and a rendition of song, the first I've heard. Common Crossbills, Dartford Warblers, Common Redstarts, Lesser Redpolls, Common Cuckoos and Eurasian Curlews ensured the morning was a memorable one!

Little Bunting at Thursley Common NNR