About Birding Days UK


Birding Days UK is the website of lifelong birder, David Campbell. As well as a diary of outings and reflections on birds, it brings together guiding, writing and fieldwork services.


I have been a passionate birder since the age of seven. Starting out locally in south London, my pursuit soon took me (and initially my parents!) on excursions across Britain and the world. Over the years I have built extensive experience of birding in Britain, especially the London area and South East England, spending countless hours birding in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.

I am fortunate to have built an ornithological career through birding media, guiding and survey work. From 2013 to 2018, I worked at BirdGuides, before switching over to join the team at Rare Bird Alert, Britain's longest-running instant bird news service. Additionally, my writing has appeared in print in Birdwatch magazine and I served a season as the Assistant Warden at Dungeness Bird Observatory in Kent in 2016.

I'm a licensed bird ringer (bander) and enjoy keeping thorough local bird records. Able to skip between ideal birding bases in London and Worthing, on the south coast, I serve on the rarities committees for both Sussex and Surrey. I have also been the London Bird Club's Surrey Recorder and part of the London Bird Report writing team before taking on the role of 'Swift Champion' for Sussex Ornithological Society, proudly helping conserve these incredible birds in the county.